News: contribution to Association of Critical Heritage Studies 2024 international conference

The first formal presentation on my Fellowship research-in-progress took place at ACHS 2024 Galway on 5 June. The conference theme was ‘Custodianship’, my paper assigned to a session on ‘Responsibility: Cultural Stewardship across Borders – Navigating the Complexities of Global and Local Heritage Responsibilities’. I addressed the part that changing custodianship and movement plays in the Stone’s contemporary meanings and future potential. The audience ought to have come away with a good sense of the richness and complexities surrounding this most high-profile example of domestic repatriation in the United Kingdom!

Example of slide from my talk, juxtaposing photos of the Stone’s present interpretation and display in Perth Museum with a quote from my ethnographic research. Images (c) Culture Perth and Kinross

The discussion session after our papers, from left to right: Sally Foster, Violeta Tsenova, Olga Nesporova and Robert Seke. Image: Anita Pastoral Perez

Queries or further information: Professor Sally Foster. Full project website: https:\\

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